If you’re anything like me, you love your salad dressings. I used to figure out ways to combine various Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes to make new, improved salad dressings. My favorite was blue cheese and French. As you can imagine, going on the paleo diet put a stop to those particular shenanigans.

paleo-salad-dressingHowever, it didn’t put a stop to my love of salad dressings. Luckily, as long as I’m paying attention, I can keep to the paleo diet, and still have my dressings. It just takes a little bit of planning, and a little bit of work.

There’s several oils that work perfectly fine for the paleo diet. There’s the standard olive oil, of course. But you can also mix it up with some avocado oil, or even some macadamia oil. Both work fantastically.

You’ll need an acid, though, if you want to make an awesome vinaigrette. Luckily, the world of fruits offers a number of them. You can use anything from lemon juice to apple cider vinegar for your oil.

It was difficult to give up the fatty, pre-bottled salad dressings that I loved. But I’ve found that figuring out the perfect matches of paleo kosher oils and paleo kosher acids has easily taken the place of the processed dressings I no longer need.…