Skin tags are not only unsightly, but they can also be highly irritating and very painful.  Suffering from this skin condition not only brings the embarrassment of stares from strangers, but also leads to low self-esteem and sometimes withdrawal from the community.  Fortunately, there are methods whereby you can treat skin tags and remove them.  Unfortunately, this skin tag removal is not a simple process and in some cases is not permanent.  This article provides some information on skin tag removal and how it can change your life.

child-17387_640Skin tags can be difficult to remove and even the best surgeons may have trouble removing the tag permanently – read more about how to get rid of skin tags.  There are various methods to treat this condition with surgery being the most common, but it has been noted as ineffective if the skin tag stalks are not exterminated.  Side-effects of this treatment include scarring due to the deep cuts that need to be made. Another popular method of skin tag removal is cryogenic therapy.  This involves the use of liquid nitrogen to remove the tags via freezing.  Cryogenic treatment is very effective, however it must be completed by a trained technician as it can leave severe scarring and skin discoloration if done by an inexperienced individual.

A well-known and preferred method of removing skin tags is by burning the tag off.  Burning is popular among doctors as it is more accurate than the aforementioned treatments and it presents with minimal scarring.  However, burning large areas of affected skin can be expensive and rather painful to the individual.  This treatment has also been noted as a temporary solution rather than a permanent one due to the stalks not being removed. As can be seen there are various treatments available when looking at skin tag removal.  By perusing your options it is possible to find the best alternative for your needs and personal preference.