Wart removal is not entirely a risk-free procedure.  There are some potential side effects and hazards that the patient should be aware of.

There is a risk of scarring because treating warts involves affecting the top layers of skin.  As with any surgical manipulation of the epidermis and dermis, there is a chance that the treatment may leave scar tissue. Scarring can be permanent and can be painful in some body parts, like the feet.  Scarring can also be unsightly and affect how you appear to others.  The good news is that a number of treatments, such as those with salicylic acid carry decreased risk of scarring.

wartrol-wart-removerWart treatment can be painful.  For example, cryotherapy, surgical wart removal, and some prescription remedies can involve post-procedure pain.  This factor is especially important in certain patients like the very young or the very old who may not tolerate pain well.

Depending on the procedure and the level of physician intervention, wart treatments can be expensive.  In-patient procedures (such as cryotherapy) and prescription remedies can involve great expense.  Over the counter options, such as those found in the corner drug store, cost substantially less.

Treated warts can still become infected.  Treatment for warts involves breaking down the top layer of skin on and around the blemish.  These breaks can be breeding grounds and ideal conditions for bacteria, which leads to infection.  This problem is especially severe in people with compromised immune systems (like HIV), or those with diseases that affect peripheral circulation (such as diabetes).

Your wart problem may not be solved quickly, or at all.  Topical chemical solutions take time to treat warts – oftentimes many weeks, read on WebmediaEU.com Wartrol Reviews to see if this is for you.  Surgical interventions and cryotherapy work much quicker, but have added drawbacks like the scarring and potential infection we mentioned.  If time is a concern and you want to get rid of unsightly warts, some remedies may not work within your deadline.  Also, some people have recurrent warts no matter what they do.  They treat the warts, and the warts come back.  Even if you get rid of one batch of warts, they can still return.